Meet us: Tracey Job

Tracey teaches Pilates classes, is a therapist and is currently training in acupuncture. She believes her work and life are interwoven and, from an early age  felt a strong connection to the natural world.  Her love of nature, animals and working with the land gave her the freedom to move and feel at home with her curiosity. By stark contrast, her college years and early working life in the hotel and leisure industry took her away from home where she survived and yet, this is where her realisation of her desire to teach was founded.

Whilst being a Mum she began training and working part time teaching fitness and dance classes, over time this began to take its toll on her body and along with old injuries sustained from birth, horse riding and car accidents she knew she had to address the imbalance. In 2002 she trained and qualified in matwork Pilates, in 2004 became a Pilates personal trainer and in 2008 qualified as a level 3 Pilates practitioner. Tracey believes the body has a natural ability to heal itself and in becoming aware and knowing what is at the root of pain, tightness, anxiety and stress enables us to consciously work with this healing process. With this in mind she travelled abroad in 2007 to train in Yamuna Body Rolling where she met Angie.

Experiencing firsthand the many benefits of combining these disciplines, she aimed to enable and empower others to experience freedom of movement within their body. Her style of teaching evolved into  guided explorations of movements, witnessing and sharing learning within the group. Further trainings followed and in 2010 she began her therapy work after qualifying in Reiki levels 1 and 2, Nia 5 stages (emotional anatomy based on the work of Stanley Keleman) in 2011,  specialising in foot fitness with Yamuna in 2012 and K.O.R.E. therapy in 2017. Tracey has worked at the studio since 2016, her  group Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling  sessions, one to ones and therapies are all tailored to expand your knowledge and awareness. The way she works evolves from her life experiences and knowledge gained, she feels grateful to be able to enable others to realise their potential  of moving with freedom.



Member of The Association of Physical and Natural Therapists (APNT)

Reiki Levels 1 and 2

Nia 5 Stages –  integrative movement practice